Don’t know how to download and stuck on the downloading part? Here are few easy steps that you can follow.

Step 1: Press the download button on the download page.
Step 2: In the download page, you must choose and complete a survey.
Step 3: Once the offer has been successfully completed, the tool will be automatically downloaded.

How to complete surveys instantly!

Some surveys need to be confirmed. In this case, you must go to your inbox, click the confirmation link in the e-mail the survey sent.

Recommended tips before doing survey :

  1. I recommend getting Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

  2. Prior to survey, I suggest clearing your cookies.

  3. If you have any sort of ad blocker installed, make sure you disable it before you attempt a survey. (compulsory Required)

Note: some pin submit may cost Money and we are not liable for such costs . You can get pin submit (moblie) offer if you are from France,Germany, Netherlands ,Spain,US, UK or Canada and more. If you feel like you can’t complete a survey then refresh the download page to load new offers.

False Information will not lead to successful completion of survey .You Must enter correct information in order to Complete survey and get our software-tools.